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Skill, artistic sensibility, insight and years of experience are the ingredients of Craig's success. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Craig moved to New York City to pursue an acting career. He ended up on television with two running roles on separate daytime dramas, as well as commercials and live theater. In time he decided to return to the visual arts and began training in studio photography. After taking advantage of a full scholarship awarded to him from the Center for the Media arts in Manhattan, Craig honed his skills by working as first assistant at two studios as well as running a successful theatrical headshot business on the side. He moved his family back to the midwest where he headed up Piston Imaging in Madison, WI shooting for a variety of clients including Lands End and Fiskars Corporation, among others. Soon after, an opportunity opened in the Fox Valley that would employ Craig as head photographer at Munroe Studios for more than twelve years. After two Addy awards and a client list too long to mention here, he is now on his own, providing established, as well as new clients with spectacular images of people, industry, product and conceptual photography; the stuff he has been doing for years. The only difference, it's Craig Augustine Photography.